Step 1: Download Hiark, open app, accept ToS, verify your mobile number. So far, so good. You probably did this already.
Step 2: Import contacts from your phone book, create your profile, make it to the home screen!
Step 3: Go to "My Contacts" and opt-in to at least 20 of your contacts who can provide you anonymous feedback. You can even invite them to download Hiark via SMS! (optional)
Step 4: Go to "Feed" to post a request for feedback from the contacts you have opted-in to or to reply to your contacts' requests. Each reply opens a new, private, 1-on-1 conversation with the respondent anonymous!
Step 5: Go to "Conversations" to see all of your active semi-anonymous, private chats. If you are the anonymous respondent, the name of the person and the last message are visible. If you requested feedback, "anonymous" appears along with the last message.
Step 6: Go to "My Data" to rate yourself on 18 traits first, then try out "Traits" to provide quantitative, anonymous feedback to any contacts that you have opted-in to! You must allocate all 36 points for each contact. No one is perfect, that's okay. If someone is exactly the same across all traits, that means it's 2s all the way down. This is not an absolute scale, it's to identify relative strengths and weaknesses of a single person.

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