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Creating an environment conducive to sharing sensitive information is one of our goal’s for Hiark, and understanding your privacy on Hiark is key to this. We take your privacy seriously and will steadily work to improve protection of your data. We encourage you to read the entire Privacy Policy below, but want to provide some major highlight:

  • Hiark is designed to limit what can be widely shared, even to people whom you have opted-in to. If you are looking for a public forum for feedback and want to easily share what others are telling you, Hiark may not be ideally suited for you.

  • When you post to your Feed, only those contacts you have opted-in to, and who have opted-in to you can see the post. You control who has the option to respond to you anonymously.

  • When an opted-in contact responds to you anonymously, this conversation is 1-on-1 and private, and cannot be viewed by other contacts. Each new response from your contacts opens a new, private chat which is inaccessible by anyone other than the two of you.

  • Hiark requires that you verify your mobile phone number prior to making a profile, however this number is never shared or sold to anyone for any reason.

  • No other users have access to your individual data (either in Traits or Conversations). Only you can see your relative strengths/weaknesses and your perspective on your contacts.

  • If you use Hiark to anonymously threaten or abuse others, you will be openly identified and reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies. There is zero tolerance for exploitation of vulnerability on Hiark. We will err on the side of permanent bans rather than allow users to be unnecessarily harmed.


Information You Provide Us


We require some information from you to provide our service. You must have a mobile phone capable of receiving SMS messages and a minimum of 20 contacts from your phonebook (to which you must opt-in to).

Profile Information. Users must verify a mobile phone number when creating a Hiark account which will be permanently associated with the account and will be the primary means of identification while using our Services. All contacts from a user’s contact list/phonebook will be imported on creation of a Hiark profile, however only contacts that a user opts-in to will have access to see any information a user provides. A user can update his/her contact list by re-importing contact list which will fully repopulate contact list. Users are required to add a profile name to be associated with their posts and may optionally add profile picture. The profile name will be displayed next to every post made within the Feed.

Posts within Hiark. Most activity within Hiark is private, through individual 1-on-1 semi-anonymous chats, however, your posts to the Feed are able to be seen by any other mutually opted-in users. You are responsible for the content of your posts and should be thoughtful about what you post or your requests for feedback. We strongly recommend you not post, even to your opted-in contacts, any information you wish to keep private as we have no control over how your contacts will use this information.


Messages. Hiark does not currently encrypt messages sent privately between users. This may be changed in the future. At present your message history is stored on cloud-based servers. This may be changed at a future time to be stored on a user’s own device.

Additional information is stored on our servers, including information that is necessary to transmit messages. We also may use information about whom you have communicated with and when (excluding content) to improve Hiark and protect the privacy and safety of our community.


Please remember that any messages sent, even in semi-anonymous, private, 1-on-1 chats are available on the receiving user’s device, and Hiark does not have control over the dissemination of the content of those messages. Users will not be able to identify their anonymous respondents under normal circumstances, unless the anonymous respondent chooses to “Verify” his/her identity with the Verify function within a Conversation.


If an anonymous user sends a directly threatening (or perceived as threatening) message to an identified user, Hiark reserves the right to contact appropriate authorities and identify the anonymous user both to law enforcement agencies and to the threatened user. Any anonymous messages sent remain anonymous until and unless the content of those messages poses a direct threat (to self, others, or community). The veil of anonymity is provided to facilitate transfer of information intended to be useful to the recipient. There is no guarantee to be kept anonymous if Hiark determines the intent of the messages is to harm or abuse another user.


Contacts. Hiark will automatically import a user’s contact list, but can additionally display which contacts a user has imported are Hiark users. Information from the contacts on your device may be transmitted to the server in order to determine which of your contacts are registered. Your contact list, including whom you have opted-in to, is not public information. The individual users whom you have opted-in to are able to see this information in their own contact lists. You may choose to share that you have opted-in to other users and Hiark allows SMS messaging to notify contacts of your expression of trust and openness.

You can choose to block anonymous users (which you have previously opted-in to) but their identifies will remain unknown. Blocking will prevent them from seeing your posts and you from seeing theirs. You cannot individually unblock users once blocked, however you can “unblock all” should you choose to.


User Support. When a user contacts Hiark Support, any personal data shared with us is kept only for the purposes of researching the issue and resolving the problem.


Location Information. We receive your IP address when you log in, which may provide information about your location. We may also collect device information to help improve our services. We do not use location data to sell advertising.

Managing your information.  Personal information can be viewed in your Profile and edited there, which is accessed through the Settings button.


Information we may share

Third Parties. In order to deliver our Services, we utilize third parties to provide some functionality and help to understand how users are using Hiark. For example, we currently use Flurry, Google Analytics and Crashlytics to learn about and improve user experience. We may share your private personal data with such third-party providers, consistent with our Privacy Policy. These providers adhere to their Privacy Policies to protect user information. Please contact for questions regarding our use of third-parties.


Law, Harm and Public Interest. We may disclose or use your personal data if we believe it is necessary within reason to comply with a law, legal proceeding or enforceable government request. Additionally, if we believe it necessary to disclose personal data to protect the safety or well-being of any person (Hiark user or otherwise) we will do so. We may also share information to protect the safety of Hiark services including to prevent fraud, investigate potential violations of Terms of Service or evaluate security issues. Finally, we may share information to protect against harm to the rights, property, or safety of Hiark, our users, or the public as required or permitted by law.



As stated, we will periodically update our Privacy Policy to better meet the needs of our users and to address the mission of Hiark to help our users grow. The continued use of our Hiark subsequent to updates confirms acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.


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